Get Frontline Ready in 3-5 Days With Rapid Recon

A software solution for dealership recon management

Rapid Recon allows dealership managers and owners to see and control every step of the recon process.

No matter the workflow, Rapid Recon enhances your visibility into that process allowing you to shorten your reconditioning process by up to 6 days for 100 units!

Explore how Rapid Recon has increased profits for dealerships across the country.

Time to Market Recon Culture

If your team is still using a spreadsheet, whiteboard, or your fingers, to track and manage reconditioning, your process leaks time and money that’s wrecking retail gross and inventory turn.

GMs who create recon time-to-market cultures influence the biggest profit drive in the dealership. Learn what hundreds of general managers already know, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

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How Does It Work?

Drive down recon costs. With Rapid Recon automation technology, you can get vehicles frontline ready in four to five days – not 10 to 12.

* According to our 20 Group clients and moderator experts, daily holding cost for the average dealership is $32 per vehicle per day based on franchise and market area.

— NCM Associates President & CEO Paul Faletti, Jr.

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Mobile Ready on All Platforms

Rapid Recon in the palm of your hand.

Everyone on your staff can manage your recondition on the fly. When someone completes their work they move the vehicle into the next step with a click of a button, automatically generating a text or email notification to the next person(s) in line alerting them the car is now ready for their attention. Notes can be added too!

You always know exactly where the vehicle is, who has it and for how long. This dramatically lowers confusion and uncertainty, which in turn, makes everyone more productive.

All of your devices will sync smoothly with either the desktop or mobile applications, and will run on all devices whether Apple, Android or Windows operating systems.

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Benefits of using Rapid Recon™:

  • Get frontline ready faster!
  • Increase inventory turn.
  • Approve RO’s with the touch of a button!
  • Manage recon from your smart phone.
  • Automated daily status updates.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.
  • Find vehicle location quickly.