Test Your Reconditioning Time

Dealers who have the most efficient recon operations consistently average three to five days from recon start to frontline. They also know where every car is at all times because every step has a clear owner/tech who is connected to it through their mobile phone.

The best example of how this works is how quickly a UCM can approve an itemized list in only a few minutes right from their mobile phone — any time, anywhere. When the UCM approval happens in a workflow system, it sets the pace for time-to-market.

Try this simple exercise: List what you believe your average real times are for:
• Inspection
• UCM approval
• Mechanical
• Body (30 percent)
• Detail
• Photos

Add these up for your store, and do not use the best-case numbers, because they all count. If your number is six days or greater, then you are a perfect candidate for work ow. Before implementing workflow, dealers average 10 days or higher, and burn an extra week of prime selling time. And, if you are not measuring your time-to-market, it is likely that holding costs are cutting deep into your profitability.

Time-to-market dealers measure their results in terms of three to five days from recon
start to frontline ready. They also expect that every car, in every step, is where it should be because each step has an owner who is always connected to it through their mobile phone, and they automatically get informed when a car is on their clock.

The old adage “information is only as good
as the people who use it” is no longer a valid excuse to put o making a time-to-market culture happen. The early adopters of work ow have shown us that, by engaging the entire recon team in the process of designing and launching a workflow system, they can now easily see how it makes everyone’s job easier. When accountability applies equally to everyone who touches your cars, and when they can stay on top of their cars with a mobile phone, all the excuses just go away.

Some dealers have not transitioned to a workflow system because they think they can get by fine with their own manual approaches, or they rationalize it is an unnecessary expense. Yet, dealers who have adopted workflow have consistently added an entire week to their selling time. If your total is six days or more, take a close look at how others have mastered TTM.

The methodology used for instituting a TTM culture can vary, and this may mean that there are four or five active users, or even 12, where the technicians and vendors own steps or work items. The end result, however, is the same.

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